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Restaurant with central location,
Mykonos Town

Oregano restaurant is located in the Evangelistraki are of Mykonos Island, which is within walking distance from Mykonos town and provides visitors with incredible panoramic sea views of the Aegean Sea and the surrounding little islands. Therefore, Oregano cool & grill restaurant in Mykonos Town, stands at one of the best restaurants’ location on Mykonos Island, Greece.

Mykonos Town at a glance

The town of Mykonos with its innumerable carefully attended whitened streets is very famous for its vibrant nightlife. Its architecture is unique with its square white houses some built one next to each other and others scattered amongst the hills and mountains, on top of huge rocks or right next to the sea waves. Sometimes even built right inside the sea just like the well-known Small Venice; where the sunset floods the sky with colours and lights it up with a deeply orange nuance while the sun sinks into the sea. And right above little venice, four enormous white windmills stand side by side. In the old times they worked hard in order to produce wheat, but today the simply exist making the landscape even more beautiful.
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